• UN Multi-Sector Response Plan to COVID-19 for

    The UN Multi-sector Response Plan to COVID-19 integrates the interventions envisaged by UN agencies into a coordinated, One-UN response, to support Mozambican institutions, civil society and

  • Mozambique, South Africa see pandemic delays News for

    18/09/2020· COVID-19 has delayed South Africa’s plans for a new upstream bill and exploration drilling in Mozambique. August Macuvele, exploration manager at Mozambique’s Instituto Nacional de Petroleo

  • Mozambique Regional Off for Africa

    Mozambique is completing its National Health Sector Strategy (Plano Estratégico do Sector Saúde -PESS II 2007-2012), which has been extended to December 2013 to allow for the finalization of the next strategic plan. The new Plan, PESS III, will start in 2014, covering a 6 year period up to 2019. The PESS III was informed by an extensive

  • mozambique plans sector lighthousechristengemeente

    This Mozambique Energy Outlook presents, for the first time, an integral and detailed insight in the energy sector of Mozambique, based on a newly developed comprehensive database of the recent past (2000-2011) and the latest developments and plans as regards the production and transformation of energy in Mozambique.

  • Mozambique Humanitarian Response Plan 2019

    2018-2020 Mozambique Humanitarian Response Plan, November 2018 May 2020 (Revised in August 2019) Response plans Cabo Delgado Province Mozambique Response Plan 2020

  • Mozambique Plan International

    Plan International has been operating in Mozambique since 2006. We ensure that marginalised children and young people realise their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities.

  • Joint Assessment of the Mozambican Health Sector Strategic

    Health Sector Strategic Plan (PESS, 2014-2019) August 2013 . JANS Mozambique, Final Report English, 02-09-2013. Page 2 Abbreviations Abbreviations Explication ACA Joint Annual Evaluation AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome APEs Primary Health Care Workers ARV Anti Retroviral AS Situational Analysis CCS Sector Coordinating Committee CMAM Centre for Medicines and Medical

  • Mozambique's LNG moves and shakes News for the Oil

    While Exxon has postponed its Mozambique liquefaction plans, Total is moving ahead. Anadarko Petroleum took FID on the Mozambique LNG project in mid

  • Mozambique Energy Situation energypediafo

    IntroductionKey Problems of The Energy SectorPolicy Frame, Laws and RegulationsInstitutional Set-Up in The Energy SectorMajor Donor ActivitiesFurther InformationReferencesMozambique is one of the poorest countries of the world with a population of 28.8 million people and almost 70% of the population living on less than USD 1.90 per day (2016). The Human Development Index (HDI) 2016 ranks Mozambique 181 out of 188 countries dropping down from 180 in 2015. As household budget survey conducted by the Mozambican government in 2016 reveals that the rural-urban gap and income disparity have considerably increased since 2010. Mozambique has undertaken signifi
  • WHO Mozambique's health system

    Socioeconomic DevelopmentHealth Status IndicatorsProgress Towards Millennium Development GoalsNational Health PolicySince the signing of a peace agreement in 1992, Mozambique has made significant progress in recovering from its war torn past. A steadily increase of external aid, debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative and a rapidly growing economy have led to a considerable increase of resources for the health sector. The expenditure per capita on health has increased from US$ 4.6 in 1997 to US$ 7.5 in 2002. The publicly funded health delivery system has seen significant improvements in bo
  • Mozambique Country Operational Plan COP 2020 Strategic

    16/03/2020· The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Mozambique data demonstrates that men are much more likely to drop out of treatment, with a higher proportion having dropped out for longer than six months, requiring new approaches to find them and bring them back to treatment. A new approach using a private sector marketing model will characterize the reasons why

  • Mozambique's LNG moves and shakes News for the Oil

    While Exxon has postponed its Mozambique liquefaction plans, Total is moving ahead. Anadarko Petroleum took FID on the Mozambique LNG project in mid

  • Mozambique plans investments in aviation sector Aviation

    Mozambique plans investments in aviation sector. By . Apr 28, 2017: Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority (IACM) has launched a public tender for the investment of domestic, regional and intercontinental routes and asked interested local and foreign companies to for the investment. After a strong criticism of LAM (Mozambique Airlines) by many of its customers over flight delays and

  • The Future of Natural Gas in Mozambique: Towards a Gas

    Natural Gas Master Plan for Mozambique: Final Report December 20, 2012 Page ES-2 1.1 CRITICAL DECISION HIERARCHY The Government of Mozambique (GoM) should make only a limited number of important decisions at present, and recognize that many of the decisions about the gas sector development have to be taken

  • Gas in Mozambique a $128bn opportunity

    The power supply in Mozambique is limited and unreliable. To address this the government plans to roll out 750MW of solar power, in a phased manner. It has also proposed legislation that allows

  • Oil & Gas Regulation 2020 Mozambique ICLG

    Also, the Mozambican Government has fulfilled its plan (established a few years ago) of creating an authority that is responsible for regulating, controlling and supervising the energy sector in Mozambique, i.e., the Energy Regulatory Authority (“Autoridade Reguladora de Energia” “ARENE”) through the approval of Law no. 11/2017, September 8 (the “Law”).

  • Education Sector Plan 2012– 2016. Mozambique

    Education Sector Plan 2012– 2016. Mozambique January 01, 2012 Mozambique’s Strategic Plan for Education and Culture for 2012-2016. Download PDF (4 MB) Focus areas: Basic education, Governance. Regions and countries: Sub-Saharan Africa: Mozambique. Document type: Education sector plans


    MOZAMBIQUE SECTOR-SPECIFIC INVESTMENT STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN G20 Indicators for Measuring and Maximizing Economic Value Added and Job Creation from Private Investment in Specific Value Chains Pilot Study Results UNCTAD May 2013 This Report forms part of the undertaken by the Inter-Agency Working Group for the Private Investment and Job Creation Pillar of the G20 Multi-Year Action Plan

  • AGRA Mozambique Operational Plan

    4 Executive summary Government of Mozambique has put in place the Strategy and Plan for Agricultural Development Plano Estrategico de Desevolvimento do Sector Agrario (PEDSA, 2010-2020) and the National Agricultural Investment Programme -Programa Nacional de Investimento do Sector Agrario (PNISA, 2014-2018) to achieve its agricultural development objectives.

  • Country Strategic Plans — Mozambique (2017–2021)

    The country strategic plan is aligned with the Government’s Vision 2025 and its Five-Year Plan (2015–2019), which are integrated with the Mozambique United Nations Development Assistance Frame (2017–2020), and contributes to WFP Strategic Results 1, 2, 3 and 8 in the WFP Strategic Plan (2017–2021). Draft decision* The Board approves Mozambique Country Strategic Plan